Author Guidelines

Useful information

Your conference paper should not exceed 4 pages in total (i.e. an extended version of your conference abstract). This 4-page paper will be peer reviewed and, if accepted by the editors of the conference proceedings (see Publications), you will be asked to revise and correct it. After resubmission of the revised version, the editors will re-check the paper and, if accepted, the corresponding author will be requested to sign the Consent-to-Publish by Springer. The accepted paper will be published in the conference proceedings by Springer only after signing the Consent-to-Publish.

After evaluating all presentations during the conference and taking into account the comments of the reviewers and editors during the pre-conference evaluation process, the authors of the best papers will be invited after the conference to submit an extended version (8 to 15 pages) of their papers for publication in the Arabian Journal of Geosciences or in one of our partnered Springer journals (see Publications). Most importantly, publishing your short paper in the conference proceedings by Springer does not prevent you from submitting the extended version of the same work to the Arabian Journal of Geosciences or to one of our partnered Springer journals or to any other journal after the conference.

How to prepare your short conference paper

  • Short papers (min. 2 pages / max. 4 pages) should cover one or more of the conference tracks.
  • Please note the strict deadline for submissions (20 May 2018).
  • The paper should be written in English.
  • Short papers of 4 pages should be prepared using the Word Template.
  • Figures and tables should be embedded and not supplied separately.
  • All papers will undergo a peer-review process.
  • Authors of accepted papers will present their studies orally (a PPT presentation of 12 min or a Poster presentation of 5 min).
  • For notification of acceptance, please see Important Dates.
  • At least one co-author of each accepted paper has to be registered before the registration deadline (1 October 2018) to warrant inclusion in the final conference program (for more details see Registration).
  • There is a possibility that your accepted paper may be published by Springer in the conference proceedings to without attending the conference (for more details see Registration).

How to submit your short conference paper

  • To submit, please click on the “Submit” button on the conference website (Home).
  • The submission system will provide you with an a paper number and a password.
  • You can then upload your full paper as follows:
    • Insert the title of your paper in the "Title" section.
    • Insert the abstract of your paper in the "Abstract" section.
    • Select the major topic of your study (Conference Track).
    • Upload your short paper in the "Upload" section.
    • Press the "Submit" button at the end of the form.
  • After acceptance of your paper, the corresponding author should sign the Springer Consent-to-Publish to authorize publication in the conference proceedings.
  • If the corresponding author is a PhD/MSc student, he/she also should send a Publication Approval Letter from his/her supervisor after notification of final acceptance.