Top 10 most-cited papers

To mark the 10th anniversary of the Arabian Journal of Geosciences (AJGS), Springer retrieved from SCI databases a list on the 10 most highly cited papers of the AJGS of all time. The search covered all of Web of Science, an online version of the SCI which lists papers published from 1900 to the present day. The exercise revealed the following results. Authors of these papers will be presented with a commemorative Springer award and will be acknowledged during the awards luncheon (Day 3 in the Conference Program):

  • 94 citations
    Pradhan B. and Youssef A. M.: Manifestation of remote sensing data and GIS on landslide hazard analysis using spatial-based statistical models (AJGS, volume 3, issue 3, 2010).
  • 77 citations
    Zare M.; Pourghasemi H. R.; Vafakhah M. and Pradhan B.: Landslide susceptibility mapping at Vaz Watershed (Iran) using an artificial neural network model: a comparison between multilayer perceptron (MLP) and radial basic function (RBF) algorithms (AJGS, volume 6, issue 8, 2013).
  • 69 citations
    Regmi A. D.; Devkota K. C.; Yoshida K.; Pradhan B.; Pourghasemi H. R.; Kumamoto T. and Akgun A.: Application of frequency ratio, statistical index, and weights-of-evidence models and their comparison in landslide susceptibility mapping in Central Nepal Himalaya (AJGS, volume 7, issue 2, 2014).
  • 68 citations
    Pourghasemi H. R.; Pradhan B.; Gokceoglu C.; Mohammadi M. and Moradi H. R.: Application of weights-of-evidence and certainty factor models and their comparison in landslide susceptibility mapping at Haraz watershed, Iran (AJGS, volume 6, issue 7, 2013).
  • 50 citations
    Pourghasemi H. R.; Moradi H. R.; Aghda S. M. Fatemi; Gokceoglu C. and Pradhan, B.: GIS-based landslide susceptibility mapping with probabilistic likelihood ratio and spatial multi-criteria evaluation models (North of Tehran, Iran) (AJGS, volume 7, issue 5, 2014).
  • 46 citations
    Monjezi M.; Khoshalan H. A. and Varjani A. Y.: Prediction of flyrock and backbreak in open pit blasting operation: a neuro-genetic approach (AJGS, volume 5, issue 3, 2012).
  • 44 citations
    Leroy S.; Razin P.; Autin J.; Bache F.; d'Acremont E.; Watremez L.; Robinet J.; Baurion C.; Denele Y.; Bellahsen N.; Lucazeau F.; Rolandone F.; Rouzo S.; Serra Kiel J.; Robin C.; Guillocheau F.; Tiberi C.; Basuyau C.; Beslier M. O.; Ebinger C.; Stuart G.; Ahmed A.; Khanbari K.; Al Ganad I.; de Clarens P.; Unternehr P.; Al Toubi K. and Al Lazki A.: From rifting to oceanic spreading in the Gulf of Aden: a synthesis (AJGS, volume 5, issue 5, 2012).
  • 40 citations
    Armaghani D. J.; Hajihassani M.; Mohamad E. T.; Marto A. and Noorani S. A.: Blasting-induced flyrock and ground vibration prediction through an expert artificial neural network based on particle swarm optimization (AJGS, volume 7, issue 12, 2014).
  • 36 citations
    Li P.; Wu J. and Qian H.: Hydrochemical appraisal of groundwater quality for drinking and irrigation purposes and the major influencing factors: a case study in and around Hua County, China (AJGS, volume 9, issue 1, 2016).
  • 36 citations
    Choobbasti A. J.; Farrokhzad F. and Barari A.: Prediction of slope stability using artificial neural network (case study: Noabad, Mazandaran, Iran) (AJGS, volume 2, issue 4, 2009).